8: Craig Mullins

Craig Mullins is an IBM Gold Consultant, well-known author and owner of Mullins Consulting.  Craig has worked with DB2 since its inception, working for many different vendors and educating the DB2 community.

In this episode, Craig talks about recognizing when it's time to find new career opportunities; his love of writing and blogging; and what it was like to survive in a company that was built on top of its voicemail system.

7: Saghi Amirsoleymani

Saghi Amirsoleymani is a Senior Solutions Architect at IBM, working with DB2 Tools. Although she is based at the Silicon Valley Lab, if you are involved in DB2 and live anywhere on Earth, you have almost certainly met Saghi.

In this episode, Saghi talks about how her honesty and empathy for customers helped her learn DB2 and made her who she is today; about her sincere desire to give more back to customers and the DB2 community than she has received; and how some of the San Francisco 49ers came to rely on her expertise before she became an IBMer.


6: Dan Luksetich

Dan Luksetich is the owner and principal consultant at DanL Database Consulting. He's an IBM Gold Consultant, frequent speaker at IDUG and other conferences around the world, and has a well-known passion for beer.

In this episode, Dan tells us how his insatiable desire for learning brought him to computers, DB2 and helped him develop his well-earned expertise in SQL, how he has no time for theoretical arguments over possible solutions, and how a bathroom incident resulted in an absolutely insane call schedule.


5: Mike Krafick

Mike Krafick is a Database Engineer at Rosetta Marketing. He's a well known speaker; he won the DB2's Got Talent competition in 2014, and went on to win awards as Best User Speaker at both the IDUG North American and IDUG European conferences in 2015.

Mike tells how a meeting with an FBI agent changed his life; why getting laid off made him a much better DBA; and how giving back to the community is such an integral part of his life.


4: Iqbal Goralwalla

Iqbal Goralwalla is an IBM Gold Consultant and the Head of Midrange DB2 at Triton Consulting.  He has worked with DB2 in the IBM Toronto Lab and as a consultant for nearly 20 years, and is the Chair of IDUG's Conference Planning Committee for the EMEA Conference that is coming up in Brussels later this year.

In this episode, Iqbal tells us about how he faced adversity when moving to a foreign country, how he discovered his love of database systems and about making sacrifices for the ones we love.

3: Adam Storm

Adam Storm is an IBM Master Inventor and former member of the DB2 development team in the IBM Toronto Lab. He was instrumental in the development of the Self Tuning Memory Manager, and also made significant contributions to both pureScale and BLU. While he's now in a new role, he tries to stay current in all matters DB2 (LUW) related. 

In this episode, Adam talks about about how he discovered his aptitude for programming; what it was like writing a major feature of DB2 from the ground up; finding time for his family and himself; and what's next in his career.